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2019 Spring Player Information

Welcome to the Ballard Little League 2019 Online Player Registration!

Register now for the 2019 Ballard Little League season! We're looking forward to another great year of baseball and softball. Don't miss your chance to get in the game.

Before continuing to the registration site, please read the information below. When you are ready to register, simply click this link and follow the instructions.

REMEMBER: If you registered online with Ballard Little League in the past, you already have a user name and to access the registration tool. If you don't remember your password, the tool can mail it to you. If you don't remember your user name, or have other problems, please contact us.

And remind your friends to sign up, too!

Standard registration starts on December 5th, 2018 and ends January 15, 2019. A late registration period will be extended from January 16th to January 31st with a $20 late fee.

2019 Baseball Programs and Fees

  • Tee Ball = $115
  • A (7/8ers) = $115
  • AA (8/9ers) = $140
  • AAA = $140
  • Majors = $160
  • Juniors = $160
  • Seniors = $160

2019 Softball Programs and Fees

  • AAA (ages 8-11) $140
  • Majors (ages 11-12, some 10) $160
  • Juniors (ages 13-14) $160

For more information regarding our Spring Baseball Programs click here and for Softball click here.

Online Registration Information

We feel that for most of you, the online registration process will be fast and easy! But if you run into difficulty while registering, here are some resources to help you:

Online Registration Overview

When you reach the registration page, select "Spring 2019 Baseball and Softball - PLAYERS" to register players. Be prepared with basic medical information, such as your child's doctor's name and telephone number, basic insurance information, medical conditions, and contact information for one emergency contact. A confirmation email will be sent for you records.

William F. Gerard Fund Scholarship

Ballard Little League never turns away any player who is unable to pay fees. The William F. Gerard Fund was established to subsidize players who would not otherwise be able to play. These scholarships are funded by the generous donations of the families of our BLL Players. You may access scholarship funds or make donations to the scholarship funds from the registration site. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the families that make this program possible.

If you do choose to donate to this scholarship fund, and you work for a company that matches charitable donations, please follow through with your HR department to have your gift matched!

To Apply: During the registration process you will be able to select that you would like to apply to the scholarship program and enter the amount you are able to pay. During checkout you'll have to pay by check and send the amount you can pay.

League Age

To verify proper league age use the Baseball and Softball League Age Calculator.

Baseball - Age Determination Date (updated 11/15)

To Summarize (to read the complete Little League policy click here)

Softball - Age Determination Date

  • For Softball, it is the age of the player as of December 31, 2018. To help you determine your player's league age, please use the age calculator link listed above.

"Playing Up" or "Playing Down". What to do.

If you are thinking that you want your player to play in a division up or down from his/her age level follow these steps.

Step 1: Register player for birthdate assigned division and note this as a Special Request during registration. Do not falsify player age in order to register in upper division.

Step 2: Notify the appropriate Player Agent. For baseball, Joelle Hertz, For softball,

Step 3: Understand that the league is taking the following into consideration:

  • Can the player play safely and competently in the division
  • Feedback from previous coach
  • Composition of teams and number of players in division
  • Division parity

The league will let you know if other information is needed or if you player needs to attend a player assessment session.

Residence Eligibility Requirements

In order to play in Ballard Little League you must reside or attend a school within the Ballard Little League boundaries (view map). The Ballard Little League boundaries are north of the ship canal, west of 8th Ave NW, south of NW 85th S and east of Puget Sound. If you live outside of these boundaries, you should register for your local Little League, such as North Central LL or Northwest LL. Click Little League Finder to see which league you live in.

Player Assessments

All 8-12 year olds must attend player assessment session(s) for baseball divisions AA, AAA and Majors. Junior and Senior division players may be required to attend an assessment; this will depend on the number of teams being formed. Please keep in mind that all kids make a team. Player assessments assist coaches and the league to ensure kids are in the appropriate situation and to create parity within the divisions. There will be no assessment required for Tee Ball or A.

  • Once your player enters the AA level of play and above the player selection process is managed by the league in order to create league parity. Your child will be "drafted" onto a team and family requests will no longer take priority. Remember - Little League is a great place to make new friends
  • If your child is League Age 10, 11, or 12 he/she is draft eligible for the Majors. ALL 12 year olds will play on a Majors team unless it is determined there is a safety risk. If you wish to be considered for a Major division team it is MANDATORY that you attend at least one complete assessment.
  • If your child is League Age 10 and does not want to be considered for Majors and would rather play AAA instead, the league Player Agent should be notified and preference communicated to league officials during assessments.
  • If your child is League Age 13 or 14, they will attend the Junior League evaluation session. This is separate from the Minors/Majors draft. You will be contacted about these sessions.
  • Baseball assessments will take place in Feb/March. You will be notified of the dates, times and locations of the sessions.
  • "A" assessments will be held indoors. Please wear long athletic pants, athletic shoes, and bring a glove.
  • Junior and Senior division players may be required to attend an assessment; this will depend on the number of teams being formed.
  • For AAA, Majors, Juniors and Seniors divisions, outdoor assessments are held rain or shine so dress appropriately (complete baseball/softball attire, including long pants, cleats and athletic cups for boys.)
  • Once registered, assessed and "drafted," players will be contacted by their coaches.


Players are placed in one of the following divisions based on age and in some cases (AAA & Majors) player ability. Coaches will notify players of their team placement.

Baseball Juniors/Seniors - (13 - 16 league age). 90-foot diamond. Player draft used for team placement.

  • Skills assessments will be held and players must attend at least one session. Time and place is TBD.
  • 13-14 year olds:All players will play on a Junior Team.
  • 15-16 year olds: All players will play on a Senior Team.

Returning & New Senior Leaguers: Senior division team players will be notified if they need to attend a skills assessment. Assessments will only be conducted if there will be more than one senior division team in 2019. Any returning Senior Leaguer not registered by February 28 will have his/her place on the team filled. Your only option if this occurs is to be placed on a wait list in order received.

Baseball AAA/Major Divisions - (11 -12 leage age, some 10). 60-foot diamond. Player draft used for team placement.

  • Separate outdoor skills assessments will be held for 10- 12 year olds. Time and place is TBD. Please attend at least one session.
  • Players will be assigned a skill assessment time/date. Each skill assessment will last approximately 90 minutes.
  • You must attend at least one entire assessment session to be eligible for a Majors team.
  • If your child does not wish to be considered for a Majors division team you must contact the Baseball Player Agent prior to the first skills assessment.

Returning Major Leaguers: The board has also made one additional, significant change for the 2019-20 season with regard to our Majors teams. Traditionally, once a player was drafted onto a Majors team they remained on that team until they aged out of the Majors division. There are many positives to this approach; however one drawback is the challenge of creating parity among all of the teams from one year to the next. This is particularly true when teams are added due to growth within the League. Because we anticipate at least one, and possibly two, new Majors teams this year, the board has decided to re-draft all of the Majors teams for the 2019-20 season. Of note, we have been a notable outlier from other Leagues with our historical practice. A decision will be made about future years after this upcoming season.

Baseball AA Division - (8 or 9 league age). 60-foot diamond. Player draft used for team placement.

  • Indoor skill assessments will be held. Time and place is TBD.
  • Players will be assigned a skill assessment time/date. Each skills assessment will last approximately 15 minutes and four players will be scheduled together.
  • Players ages 8 & 9 only may request to be placed on the same team with a friend. To qualify for a "two-pack" both players list their friend choice on the registration form.

Baseball A Division - (7 or 8 league age). 60-foot diamond.

  • Teams are typically organized by school/grade and friend/coach requests.

Baseball Tee Ball Division - (5 or 6 league age). 60-foot diamond.

  • Teams are typically organized by school/grade and friend/coach requests.


Players in the Tee Ball, A, and AA division will be given a cap and uniform t-shirt to keep. Players in the AAA, Major, Junior, and Senior Divisions will be given a cap and jersey to use throughout the season. Players will now be able to keep their jersey at the end of the season. If the jersey is lost, damaged or modified in any way the player will be liable for the original cost of the uniform to replace it. All players, in every division, will now be responsible for providing their own gray baseball pants, and team-colored socks.


Ballard Little League pledges to protect your private information and certainly not to sell or otherwise pass your contact information on to any other organization or company. It will only be used to keep you apprised of league and team information and activities. Coaches, Managers, and Umpires may also register at this time using those categories.

Having Trouble?

If you run into any problems in navigating the registration steps, up to and including online payment using your credit or debit card, please refer to the Troubleshooting Guidemaintained by our partner Bonzi Sports Software. If you are still unable to register, feel free to contact us.

For comments or questions about general information found on this website (, please contact the webmaster:

For questions specifically regarding registration (not necessarily the online part), please contact the league Registrar, Joelle Hertz <>.

Volunteer Coaches:

We are actively recruiting volunteer coaches for baseball and softball. If you have any questions about coaching baseball or softball, please contact email

Please consider volunteering for one of the many opportunities available. We're always in need of coaches and managers especially in the younger divisions. Never coached before? Don't worry, we'll provide professional training and it's a ton of fun! Register to volunteer now by clicking here Register Now.